Herman LIeber Cottage

Indianapolis has so many fabulous neighborhoods, and much to love in each. Most Fridays, we will point to a favorite place in an Indy neighborhood, so that next time you are wandering in that area, you can see the HI pick for yourself, see if you agree and/or make a selection of your own.

The Herman Lieber Cottage is a gem of a home in Lockerbie Square. With a broad gable, unusual second floor window and hexagonal attic vents with pediment hoods. The house was built circa 1860 on Liberty Street, which stretched south from Massachusetts Avenue on what is now Park Avenue.

While you’re at it, you may want to click on that above link for a fabulous article by Sharon Butsch Freeland about Lieber and his impact on Indianapolis.

Feel free to send photos and ideas for a favorite in your neighborhood or any favorite neighborhood to historicindianapolis (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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